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Version 1.2, 605 KB
for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP

FileTracer does not install any "adware" or any other extra software. 
Complete uninstall is supported.

Free Trial Period
You can try out the full version of FileTracer for 30 days for free. When the trial period expires some features will be disabled unless you register your copy.
Installing FileTracer
Double click on ftracr12.exe to install FileTracer on your system. (Full uninstall is supported if you wish to remove FileTracer from your computer later.)  
Upgrading Earlier Versions
Start ftracr12.exe. The setup program will automatically recognize and hot update an existing version of FileTracer. You do not need to terminate or uninstall FileTracer before upgrading.
Comctl32.dll Versions
Some FileTracer features are only available if you have version 4.71 or higher of the Windows system DLL comctl32.dll (Common Controls). You will already have this version if you are using Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP or Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher. If you have Windows 95 or NT4, you can obtain a newer version of this file from the Microsoft web site by clicking on the following link. Download and run the file 50comupd.exe (x86)

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