".. Its like you used to have to go round the block a couple of times to get to your files and now they're right there .. "

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Isn't it frustrating how "open file" dialogs always seem to start with the wrong folder? Well, FileTracer now works with open/save dialogs, so you can locate and open that file or folder instantly.  More...
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  "The ultimate tracking system for all those files on your PC." Paul Rowlingson,  Read the review...

In another recent review, Wanda Sloan of the The Bangkok Post wrote: "I have never seen a Windows-based file finder this fast or efficient before."
What is FileTracer?
How many times have you laboriously clicked and scrolled through many folders to find and open a particular file?

With FileTracer you can find and open files virtually instantly, no matter where they are on your hard disk. Just type in the file name or use wildcards to find and list all the matching files on your hard disk. FileTracer isn't just fast, its blazingly fast.

It's also easy to get an instant overview of your files. For example, just search for *.mp3 or *.jpg to list all the mp3 or jpg files on your hard disk. You can search by name, directory, date and/or file type, so its just as easy to view a list of text documents modified in March, or find where you put that cryptically named file you downloaded from the web last week. 

These capabilities give you a new way of working with your files. And you can quickly access FileTracer at any time with a hot key or an icon in the task bar tray. FileTracer now also works with "open file" and "save file" dialogs. 

FileTracer works like Windows Explorer, so you can double click on files, drag and drop them or use their context menus. You can also open a file's folder with a single click.

FileTracer uses an indexed and automatically updated file catalog to locate files in any folder in a split second. Since Windows does not provide a file system index, normal programs must scan every file in each directory to find a file. For example, searching a large hard disk with Windows "Find Files" can take literally minutes (a 9 GB hard disk can easily hold more than 60,000 files) while FileTracer takes a fraction of a second. 
FileTracer updates its catalog in real time and can find files so fast that it, in effect, adds a whole new capability to the Windows file system. After you've used it a while, you will probably feel that something was missing from Windows before. 

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