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  DTop (formerly ChunkyMunky)
Windows desktop, shell, interface news, etc.
Filex - Database of File Name Extensions
This site has an extensive list of file name extensions and the programs they are associated with. 
"On Computers" by Bob Schwabach
Bob Schwabach is a computer columnist in several major US newspapers. As well as his columns, his site contains some excellent tips on writing press releases (see the "PR Tips" section). The "Internuts" section lists interesting web sites. 
A site dealing with the problem of sneaky software (including so-called adware) which gathers information about what you're doing on your PC and sends it over the net. (The site also features software which I have not tried.)
Programmers Heaven
A site for developers: news, lots of source code,  and some utilities. 
Site and newsletter by former phone phreak  "the Midnight Skulker" with interesting tidbits about the web, phone system, software, freebies, etc.
Windows Annoyances
Tips and information about how to get around those Windows  annoyances. 



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