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In Depth Software,  August 2000

In Depth Software Announces FileTracer Version 1.1

New version features ability to find files from any open/save file dialog.

In Depth Software has released Version 1.1 of FileTracer - a Windows program which can instantly find and list files anywhere on the user's hard drive using an indexed and automatically updated file catalog. The program features a familiar user interface similar to Windows Explorer and is especially useful for large drives containing many files. The new version features the ability to quickly find files and folders from any open/save file dialog.

FileTracer lets the user find and open files quickly by simply typing in the name of the file, avoiding the need to click through the folder hierarchy first. The program supports finding and listing files by name (wildcards are supported), date and/or file type.

In addition to finding specific files, the user can easily and quickly list all the files on the hard disk which meet certain criteria, such as: text documents modified between dates, all mp3 or jpg files or files saved during the last so many days.

The new "Easy Open" function works with any open/save file dialog and allows a file to be quickly located with FileTracer even if it is not in the folder initially displayed by the dialog.

A shortcoming of the Windows file system is that it provides no quick way to access files other than by navigating to the folder which contains the file, or typing in the whole path. This is time-consuming on multi-gigabyte hard disks which typically contain many thousands of files in hundreds of directories. While Windows does provide a "Find Files or Folders" function, it does not use an index and so must scan each file in every directory. Because this can literally take minutes on a large drive, many users only use it as a "last resort."

FileTracer's ability to instantly find and list files on the entire hard drive helps alleviate this deficiency and provides a new way of working with and managing files.

The key to FileTracer's speed is its optimized and indexed file catalog which allows files to be located in a fraction of a second. FileTracer monitors file activity and immediately updates its indexes accordingly, effectively mirroring the file system.

The user can access FileTracer at any time by pressing a hotkey or clicking on an icon in the system tray. The program supports Windows Explorer functionality such as double-clicking, dragging and dropping and context menus.

Charles Hugo, the programmer of FileTracer, explains his program's advantage this way: "On one level, FileTracer finds files instantly, while Windows takes minutes. But the difference in speed is an enabling factor. Its like you used to have to go round the block a couple of times to get to your files and now they're right there."

FileTracer is shareware for Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000 and costs US$24.50. The software can be downloaded from the web site:

E-mail: Web site


Evaluation copies are available on request.

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