New Features in Version 1.10
Version 1.10 offers the same functionality and performance of version 1.03 with new features and improvements. The most important new feature is the "Easy Open" function which lets you use FileTracer with open/save file dialogs.
FileTracer's new "Easy Open" feature works with open/save dialogs and the Internet Explorer navigation bar. Pressing the Easy Open key (the default is F12) in the dialog's file name field displays the FileTracer window, allowing you to find the file quickly. Double clicking on the file copies the path for the file to the field, allowing you to open the file quickly. This also works with the Internet Explorer navigator bar.
FileTracer can now display an icon in the task bar (system) tray. Clicking on the icon is a quick way of displaying the FileTracer window.
You can now search for several file name patterns at the same time, separating them with a semi-colon character (for example: *.jpg;*.gif). 
Holding the shift key down when double clicking on a folder will display the folder's files in FileTracer. This is often a quicker way of navigating to a file and saves switching between windows.
In the previous version, double-clicking on a folder (or clicking on a folder in the "In Folder" column) always opened the folder as a standard "Windows Folder." You can now choose whether double-clicking will open the folder, explore the folder or list the folder's files in FileTracer. The shift, control and alt keys can be used to override the default behavior.
FileTracer remembers the last window layout and uses this when opening a new window to to set window size, column order and type of search. 
You can change the order of the columns in "details view" by dragging the column headers. (This was available but not documented in the previous version).
  The "In Folder" column now optionally displays folder icons. The file name can also be displayed as bold and the folder as blue. This is especially useful if you change the order of the columns because you can identify them quickly. (These features require version 4.71 or later of the Windows system file comctl32.dll. If you not have this version, an update is available from Microsoft, see download.)
Drive letters can be excluded when building the file catalog. (This is useful if you are using a removable hard disk.) 
The sort order indicator arrows in "details" view now conform to Microsoft conventions. (This can be changed in "Preferences.")
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